Thank you!



Thank you for participating in the RSS Workshop: Challenges in Dynamic Legged Locomotion!

We enjoyed a full day of interesting and inspiring talks and poster presentations from different perspectives about the present and future of the field of dynamic legged locomotion!

Thank you to all our speakers for their fantastic talks:

Safe and Efficient Dynamic Robotic Locomotion.
Aaron D. Ames – California Institute of Technology

The Adaptive Significance of Robotic Gait Selection.
Yevgeniy Yesilevskiy – University of Michigan

Design and Control for Dynamic Locomotion.
Katie Byl – University of California Santa Barbara

Legged Robots for the Field.
Marco Hutter – ETH Zürich

MIT Cheetah: New Design Paradigm for Mobile Robots.
Sangbae Kim – Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Foundations of Legged Locomotion.
Jonathan Hurst – Oregon State University

Dynamic Mobile Manipulation.
Marc Raibert – Boston Dynamics

Approximate Explicit MPC for Multi-Contact Feedback Control.
Russ Tedrake – Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Discussion Panel:




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