Posters Proceedings

  1. Oregon State’s CASSIE biped: Mechanical design for dynamic locomotion
    Abstract: pdf  –  Spotlight: 01
    Andy Abate and Jonathan W. Hurst
    Oregon State University, Agility Robotics
  2. Mixed-Integer Convex Optimization of Non-Gaited Multi-Legged Walking Sequences
    Abstract: pdf  –  Spotlight: video
    Bernardo Aceituno-C., Hongkai Dai, and Gerardo Fernandez-Lopez
    Universidad Simón Bolívar, Toyota Research Institute
  3. Towards High-Performance Whole Body Control of Legged Hydraulic Robots
    Abstract: pdf –  Spotlight: 03
    Janne Koivumäki and Jouni Mattila
    Tampere University of Technology
  4. Planning in the Space of Reactive Legged Behavior
    Abstract: pdf  –  Spotlight: 04
    Patrick J. Clary and Jonathan W. Hurst
    Oregon State University, Agility Robotics
  5. Multi-contact Locomotion of Legged Robots in Complex Environments – The Loco3D project
    Abstract: pdf –  Spotlight: video
    Justin Carpentier, Andrea Del Prete, Steve Tonneau, Thomas Flayols, Florent Forget, Alexis Mifsud, Kevin Giraud, Dinesh Atchuthan, Pierre Fernbach, Rohan Budhiraja, Mathieu Geisert, Joan Sola, Olivier Stasse, and Nicolas Mansard
    Universite de Toulouse
  6. Potential Energy Field Analysis of a Self-Adaptive Robotic Leg with Triggered Compliance
    Abstract: pdf  –  Spotlight: 06
    Dmitri Fedorov, Lionel Birglen
    Polytechnique Montréal
  7. Angular Momentum, Step Timing and Step Location Feedback Through Online Optimization
    Abstract: pdf –  Spotlight: video
    Robert J. Griffin, Georg Wiedebach, Alexander Leonessa, and Jerry Pratt
    (missing affiliation)
  8. Centroidal Momentum Based Trajectory Generation and Implementation on Legged Robots
    Abstract: pdf –  Spotlight: video
    Chuanzheng Li, Yanran Ding, and Hae-Won Park
  9. Learning rigid body dynamics for legged robots
    Abstract: pdf   –  Spotlight: 09
    Ruben Grandia, Diego Pardo, and Jonas Buchli
    ETH Zürich
  10. Trajectory Optimization and Supervised Learning for Stabilizing Underactuated Bipedal Robot Locomotion
    Abstract: pdf –  Spotlight: video
    Xingye Da, Ross Hartley, and Jessy W. Grizzle
    University of Michigan
  11. Contact Wrench and Task Adjustment for Contact Transition during Robot Walking
    Abstract: pdf   –  Spotlight: 11
    Yisoo Lee and Jaeheung Park
    Seoul National University